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Why Epsom-it outperforms the others

Greaseless and Fragrance Free Natural Deep Pain Relief Easy and Convenient Application Millions of Satisfied Users Unique Concentrated Epsom Salt Formula Fortified with Arnica Capsaicin and Aloe Vera Muscle and Nerve Pain Relief For Diabetic and Chemo
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Our Bestselling Epsom-It Products

Millions of people suffer every day from muscle cramps and aches as well as nerve pain, including peripheral neuropathy - painful and damaged nerves in the feet, ankles, legs, and hands. Epsom-It is a unique, natural, powerful formula of concentrated pure Epsom Salt fortified with Arnica in Muscle Recovery Lotion and Capsaicin in Nerve Pain Relief. Epsom-It’s formulation has sold over 1 million bottles though its two products. Its different products work fast to soothe the “pins and needles” discomfort associated with nerve pain, and achy muscles associated with muscle pain. 

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"I have used Epsom-It for 5 years. Rubbed IT into all MY leg muscles after a long 20+ mile or hard run and my legs are pain free the next morning. Never fails!"