Epsom-It is led by a small but mighty team! It is based out of Portsmouth, NH and is a completely remote business led by Heather N., Dave W., and Kate H. It all started at a dinner when Dave and Heather met to discuss the Epsom-It formula, and bringing the brand to life. Fun fact, Dave had worked with Heather's father and has known Heather her entire life. It's a story of great mentorship, belief in the product, and hard work that has built Epsom-It. The team calls it "the little brand that could," and has spent significant amount of time working to improve the product, rebrand the brand, grow sales, get a patent, and more. It has been a fun journey that started with Heather teaching Dave how to use Zoom, and Dave and Kate teaching Heather much more. Together they've grown Epsom-It (Dave from his "Telephone" room) and Heather, Kate, and an army of interns (some now full-time employees) from their computers. It started as a fast growing Amazon brand and has sold to over one million customers. Today it is an omni-channel retail brand now distributed in retailers across the U.S.A., and many local physical therapists, chiropractic offices, and more. They start every joint meeting with their favorite recent testimonial from their customers!