The Epsom Salt Story

It all started when a farmer’s cows refused to drink the local water. The farmer noticed a bitter, unusual taste. But soon he observed something that impressed him a great deal more—when the water was used to wash a scratch or wound, the injury healed very quickly.

That was in 1618, in the village of Epsom, England. And what the farmer couldn’t know was that the water was rich in Magnesium Sulfate, a naturally occurring mineral. Clinical studies have proven that Epsom Salt is quickly absorbed through the skin and has the power to relieve sore, tired, achy muscles.

Since its discovery in Epsom, England, millions of people—from world-class athletes to the dad down the block—have bathed in Epsom Salts. And now, we’ve taken the soothing power of this mineral and put it in a concentrated form that’s easy to use, easy to take with you, and easy to love. Think of it as a 400 year old remedy. In a very modern, convenient form.

Why Epsom-It Works

Also known as Magnesium Sulfate, Epsom Salt is a natural compound consisting of Magnesium, Sulfur, and Oxygen. Most of the benefits of Epsom Salt are linked to Magnesium, which is an essential nutrient the human body needs for hundreds of biochemical reactions of the nervous system and heart. When Epsom Salt is dissolved, Magnesium and Sulfate ions are released and absorbed through the skin. This supplies the body with the nutrients it needs to help reduce inflammation and relieve muscle or joint pain, along with the many other benefits associated with proper Magnesium levels! 

Since the body uses Magnesium quickly, it is important to replenish it often. Some people choose to increase their Magnesium levels through supplementation, but the body absorbs Magnesium faster and more effectively through the skin! Epsom-It Muscle Recovery and Soothing Nerve Lotion Relief Lotions bring the healing power of Epsom Salt and, more specifically, Magnesium Sulfate to consumers in its easy and convenient lotion form. Epsom-It's highly concentrated formula also gives consumers 4-5X the benefits of magnesium than a traditional Epsom Salt bath. Just apply Epsom-It to the affected area and within minutes you’ll notice the difference!

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A Natural Solution to Muscle Cramps and Nerve Pain 

Epsom-It is for many consumers a natural, pain relief alternative. By helping the body maintain high Magnesium levels, Epsom-It provides all the benefits of an Epsom Salt soak without the tub, including reducing inflammation to help fight muscle and nerve discomfort, helping the body’s production of melatonin for better sleep, and reducing stress to help with physical and mental health. Epsom-It harnesses the healing power of Epsom Salt to relax tense muscles and ease nerve discomfort. Try Epsom-It as an effective, natural alternative to help alleviate your muscle and nerve pain. 

Epsom-It for Athletes

Healthy Magnesium levels are especially important for athletes, since Magnesium helps the body process Glucose. Athletes can struggle with low Magnesium levels because of overexertion, which can result in serious cramping, dehydration, and fatigue. Research shows that endurance and high-intensity athletes need 10–20% more magnesium than when you're resting. Athletes around the world can benefit from Epsom Salts' ultra healing power through Epsom-It. Epsom-It’s easy and convenient lotion form allows you to bring the benefits of Epsom Salt with you anywhere. This means easy application before, during, and after workouts to boost recovery on the go!

Now more than ever, people are enjoying the benefits of this incredible healing gift of nature. Ditch the hundreds of dollars in prescriptions, for a natural remedy that has over a million satisfied users! Try Epsom-It and fight off your Muscle and Nerve pain today!


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