Purchase in large quantities and resell to your customers!

Epsom-It's Wholesale Program provides the benefits of purchasing products in large quantities so you can resell them to your customers. By selling products through our wholesale program, you will acquire new customers more quickly and at little cost. 

By creating a wholesale partnership with Epsom-It, you are able to leverage excellent pricing and product features. All Epsom-It wholesale partners are required to create an account to purchase products at wholesale prices.

We have partnered with Faire Wholesale to provide the following benefits:

Free Returns

Risk free buying with free returns

Net 60 Terms

Stress free with Net 60 Terms

$100 Off

$100 off your first order!

Free Shipping

Free Shipping for One Year!

Wholesale Products

Nerve Pain Relief-Wholesale 12 Pack


Muscle Recovery Lotion-Wholesale 12 Pack


Muscle Recovery Pouches-Wholesale 18 Pack