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Back Pain Relief

I bought Epsom It for my mom. She had a constant back ache and pain in her legs. She is diabetic and I bought a lot of products over the year. This the only product that worked for her.

Good Product

I have tried several products for my feet. Epsom-it is the best so far!

Michael Nicholson

Great product. Very soothing.

It works!

It really helps with nerve pain and numbness of my feet and legs - I have RA and it had been difficult to sleep and Epson- it helps so much!

Great product

Have had neuropathy in my feet for years. Some nights cannot sleep pain is just too great. Since I have been using this product, takes care of the issue.


It works for me pretty well. I use it every night before going to bed.

Pain free

That's a great product.It has helped me a lot.would recommend it to others

I cannot give a rating on something I never received! I was told a second shipment was made….but have heard nothing!

Nerve pain gone

First time I used this pain was gone for the whole night. Works great. Highly recommend.

Love it


The greatest. Really works

Excellent product and service


It helps my mom.


I have had more pain and problems with my feet then I can tell. From shooting nerve pain to feeling like I was walking on rocks, pins and needles, tightness etc in my feet constantly. When I get off my feet they would fill like I had plastic wrap tight on my feet.
I received my bottle and used it yesterday for first time. Within minutes the pins and needles etc. Stopped. I was blown away. I was able to walk without the feeling of rocks on the bottom of my feet. I have used it 3 times in 24 hours time and it's been 10 hours since the last time. I have walked around all day and been able to walk as if I had a new pair of feet.
I had to try something and this is the best $25 dollars I have spent in years. I can only suggest if you are having any kind of problem I mentioned find $25 dollars. If it does not give you same result I would be surprised. Otherwise I would buy it right now and dont wait. I had mine within 6 days from order date.
I hope this helps as it has for me.

Great product. Really helps my back. Refer it to all my friends and family. Will keep using it. Plus free shipping.

My feet feel better. My hands are not to much better yet. I think between my medication and Epsom it I will soon be doing better.

Feet do feel somewhat better!

Works as advertised!

Neropathy Epson-it

I think that it does help my feet I put it on at bed time and it does salm them down so I can sleep also I put it on my hands and it helps them also

Epsom cream

My husband had major surgery on his back and has bad nerve problems with his back and legs and putting this on it helps him tolerate the nerve pain a lot better..

Very helpful

Recommend it highly

I was a little leery about buying this as I have bought several products that gave me no relief from my neuropathy pain, this product does helps calms down the burning and pain in my feet and hands, thank you.


It seems to work only some time

Carol Przybyszewski

It's the only thing that's worked so far