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Soothing Nerve Lotion (4 Pack)
Sofia GArcia De Ruiz
Epson -it

My friend has a lot of nerve pain and he said it seems to be helping him in some way.

Works very

It's a very good location and helps my husband pain

Ep-som-it is truly a product worth buying

I've used Epsom salts for more time than I can remember. It has never failed me. Now this epsom-it has really calmed down my back and feet from neuropathy that I was left with from Shingles four years ago, and doctors have tried everything they knew . I guess my mother and grandmother knew a good product when they saw it.

No help

No difference at all in neuropathy pain

It helps reduce some of my arthritis pain :)

This Really Works!

I have always taken Epsom Salt baths to soothe sore muscles and help me relax, so I was excited to try Epsom It lotion. I was extremely impressed with how well it helped worked! It my sore muscles calf muscles after I played 18 holes of golf. I will be buying more!

Really works to help with the pain of foot neuropathy

Epsom-It Soothing Nerve Lotion


I had pain in my knees when I went to bed. I put this on my knees and I have no pain or pressure under my kneecaps. No stiffness in the morning.

It works very well on my restless feet. I work 8-12 hours a day. Amazing

Great product, better than what I was using.

I am believing

While I only apply at night I do believe this roll on epsom salt IT is working!

This product above all is effective at keeping my pain at bay. The convenience of the roll on is a tremendous help. I can apply it almost anywhere. I keep one in my purse at all times. Epsom-it is better than the
other products that I tried because it's a required nutrient to the human body.
I rarely give 5 stars but I do here.


Helps for a few hours, then I reapply

Awesome product

I have nerve damage to my hands and feet have some neuropathy….this helps with the pain!

Muscle Recovery Lotion 2 Pack

Provides Rest from Restless Legs!

Epsom-it Muscle Recovery allows me to sleep better when my restless legs act up. I apply the lotion to my calves when I'm awakened by "twitchiness" at night and am able to get back to sleep quickly. The lotion absorbs quickly and stainlessly. My husband similarly finds it helpful so I purchased the two-pack to have 'his and hers' bottles. Wonderful product!

Muscle Recovery 2-pack

I LOVE my Epsom-it muscle recovery lotion. It soothes the neck and shoulder pain I get from being on the computer all day. At night if I get leg cramps, it immediately gets rid of the cramping. I use everyday and even travel with it.

Found this product...thankfully!!

A couple of years ago I had a very bad case of shingles that attacked my lower left back and side. A lingering result that seemed to come from that experience with shingles is a patch of nerves on my right thigh that 'lights up' with pain and severe tingling on a constant basis. It was recommended to me by a friend to try Epsomit and I finally have some relief. I have noted that when I apply Epsomit the nerve tingling sensation is significantly reduced, of which I am most thankful. As far as I am concerned and from my own experience this product works very's not hype.

it helps with my peripheral neuropathy

Using it regularly- 2-3 times a day- really does help with the pain of my peripheral neuropathy.

Soothing Nerve Lotion Rollerball 2 Pack


Thank you for this great product. I am an octogenarian with onset of arthritis in heel of the thumbs and knees. Epsom It comes to the rescue! So grateful!!

The Rollerball that Reduces Pain

On my feet and ankles it has helped very much.

It works well on muscles.

Excellent lotion

My family and I have been looking for an affordable and comparable substitute for the Morton Epsom Salt lotion after it was discontinued. Finally, we’ve found it. Thanks so much for making such a wonderful product, we will continue to purchase from Epsom-it!