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leg cramps

I have found that it helps greatly with my leg cramps.

Review on my roll on

So far I love this stuff it really helps me I have fibro and ra and I have noticed a difference ty will order more ty

It has been working good for me.

I love it. I use it twice a day and it really helps me. I will be ordering more very soon.

Not bad

Just didn't work for what I needed it for

Best ever

This is the only reliable nerve pain relief I have found!


I like the epsom it

Super product

Great pain relief in minutes and last for hours. Hadn't had a night's sleep in months. I can rest easier without all the cramps and spasms associated with neuropathy.
Thank you Epsomit!

The roller ball muscle seems to work very well

For some reason the neve roller is less effective.

Back Pain Relief!

Glad I found Epsom-It! My wife has spinal nerve pain. I massage some of this lotion onto her back. A short time later I ask her how her back feels, she said the pain is gone for a while. She is able to sleep thru the night without being woke up with back pain. I will keep using this lotion as long as my wife need it for her back pain. Thankyou!!!!

My mom loves this product

She will be ordering some more soon

Helps soothe pain somewhat. Relief not long enough after applying

It didn't help me out at all

My husband loves this!!!

My husband has neuropathy from chemotherapy in his hands and feet. He loves when I massage his feet with the Epsom-It! I asked him if it was the cream or massage that made him feel better, and he said Both! But he was quick to add that the Epsom-It makes the real difference. He even rubs it on his hands like handcream! I'm so grateful to these folks for inventing this product cuz there's really nothing that can be done to alleviate neuropathic pain. Thanks Epsom-It for improving one man's life and, by extention, mine! I've got a monthly subscription so we don't run out!

Easy to use

Helping to reduce the pain In my shoulder


Muscle Recovery Lotion
Frederick Galloway

I like it.

It help right away

With anything you try new something works some don’t! I’ve noticed a difference on my foot and it felt great. But it doesn’t relieve the stiffness the pain is much more manageable but it’s the stiffness that makes it hard. Other than that it works for me!!

Too soon to tell.


It last awhile. Very comforting

Works great

Use it all day long

Relief of tingling,pins and needles

Very good product. Wish the relief would last longer.

pheanphakvang, tangmo
Tingling and numbness on my feet

Been using this product for about two weeks now and this thing has worked great for my feet, the tingling sensation has gone away and no more pain in my feet, love this product and highly recommended

Work like a charm

Absolutely amazing

Epson it roll on review

It helps alot. I use Epson salt in my shower and the Epson it roll on at bed time. They both help alot.
Gary Meyers