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Soothing nerve relief rollerball

I have only used a few times but what a relief I get terrible cramps in my feet and ankles this stops that.

Have been using it now for about 2 weeks and I am very satisfied with this product. It’s a little slow to feel relief but works great once it get started. Actually takes the pain away.

This creme is great. Does leave a flaky substance on your bidy

Good Product

I'm very happy that I have this product. So far I'm happy with the results. I will order it again!


I’m still testing it but I do have to say my nerve pain from shingles two years ago seems to be subsiding. I have a pain management appt today so will discuss these findings with him . So for now it’s a thumbs up

Gives relief

I use Epsomit on my shins and feet every night before going to bed. I have neuropathy and it does offer relief, albeit temporary.


Tengo cancer de ovario y este producto es lo único que me a funcionado para la enfermedad periférica en mis pies

Great product

My husband was having nerve pain, and he tried this product and he said it worked very well.

Barbara I Trevithick

It sure helps my nerve pain, but wish it lasts longer💯

Healing rub.

I’m so blessed and thankful for these two rubs. I’m able to get out and walk around without the pain. I will continue to use the rubs they work.

Husbands foot relief

I purchased epsom-it for my husband. He has spent over 40 years as a Marine and LEO pounding the ground in combat-style boots. His feet have suffered for that type of career but epsom-it has given him so much relief. Thank you for making this product!

The best

It really has helped a lot. I use it on my hands more than my feet. Thank you.

Relief at Last!!

I suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands. The tingling and numbness was constant. To top matter off, I also have a great deal of stiffness in my hands (especially in the mornings) due to RA. I have tried every OTC pill, salve, soak, and ointment to help relieve my hands of the constant misery that my ailments brought me. This product works! Instantly! I feel relief instantly when I use this product. I wear braces at night for my CT. I always lotion my hands down before they go in the braces and I sleep through the night now. Whereas before I woke up throughout the night due to the pain. I have finally found relief at last with Epsom It.

It is wonderful

Neuropathy relief

Provides my husband some relief of his feet and neuropathy pain.

Works for me!!!

I broke my foot in three place a few years ago. The podiatrist warned me that there would be pain and discomfort there on out. This stuff is amazing!!!



Excellent taking neuropathy pain away in my hands and wrists..

I use at bedtime and twice during the day

I am now a believer!

I recently bought 10+ topical creams for nerve pain relief for my back and foot.
I honestly had no belief in this one. Now it is the only one I order! I am waiting on back surgery #11, and I have CRPS in my L foot. Unbearable pain, but Epsom Saltit helps. Truly.

Great product

Your product has kept my pain at bay but unfortunately what is causing my pain can only be eliminated by surgery.

Rheba Sims

I really like the rollerball pain reflef. It is so handy to use and has excellent relief.

Happy Monday to everybody.

Anyway there is no doubt the Nerve pain Relief is working on my issues thank.

Really does work-Yah

I was not sure, I used to use the Epson Salt Lotion by Morton and when it was D/C I went on the hunt for a replacement and tried many items that did not work the same. I tried this and was so happy to find that it really did work, finally relief for my very painful leg cramps and bad knee.

Have used only for two days. No opinion yet.

Nerve pain

It's work's, My cupboard is full of other meds but.