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Love it it works to numb very well

stuff works

i started using it last week - feet feel great . We run it on feet every other night . AMAZING

Pleasant Surprise

I've been trying out the Epsom-It Rollerball for PN in my feet. As long as I don't use it too often (because it seems to make my feet itch), it's done a good job of calming the nerves at night, allowing me to fall asleep. I love the fact it absorbs into the skin so quickly and has no aroma, and it doesn't make my feet sticky. The itch factor may be caused by something else, but I'm not sure - it could just be a new issue that accompanies PN. In any event, I'm happy with the product and happy I'm on an autoship plan that is easy to change, if needed.

Good stuff

When I get a needle poking my toe, I massage Eosom-it into my toe and it settles down. I use it for achy shoulders too. Hubby is starting to steal it for his back, he says it takes the muscle pain out.

Finally, something natural that really works

I have tried everything on the market for neuropathy in my foot. Started Epsom-it about one month ago and I can get a full nights sleep finally. I feel Blessed to have tried this lotion and grateful that it works so well.


This product works better than anything else I have tried.

Muscle Recovery Lotion
Jose Sepulveda

Excellent product,it works.

Magdalene Faraci
Amazing product

I have had tingling and burning in my feet with no relief from anything I tried. This product is amazing. I rub it into the top and bottom of my toes and no longer have tingling and burning. Have recommended it to my podiatrist who will share it with his patients.

Muscle Recovery Rollerball
Michelle Forshner
Effective and Easy-to-Use Relief for This Ultrarunner

The Epsom-It Muscle Recovery Lotion Rollerball provided relief for my tight calf muscles within minutes, with greater results after a couple of applications over 12 hours. I have always trusted epsom salt baths post-long run or after a race, so I was super eager to try the lotion. I love how convenient it is, fits in my drop bag or car no problem. As a competitive ultrarunner I will definitely use this regularly! Would love to see an Extra Strength version if that is ever possible!

Great nerve relief!

It is a great nerve pain relief! Love it!

Roll on

I love it i have used a lot of products but this is the best.easy to roll on no mess and it works.will be buying more.

Nerve Pain Relief

Use it in the morning before going to work and then again before bed. Find it better then some of the other products I have used . Would buy again.

Roller ball

Love using this at work , keep it in my work bag. Use it after lunch if my claves or back starts hurting. More convenient to carry than the lotion.

love it

Amazing works great

I suffer from severe nerve damage from neck to finger tips the firing of nerve so intense I rub the lotion into fingers and arm it ease the tingling & firing

Epsom-it lotion

Love it rub my feet down at night and morning. They feel so much better the other creams I have used.

Excellent product

Better than anything else I have used
Keep it going

Awesome product use it for my feet and lower back. Ordered only one to see if it would work. Went back and ordered 4 more.

Good on the feet

Good on feet before going to bed


I like the fact it has no smell, and it works


Muy buen producto excelente

Nerve Pain Relief (4 Pack)

Back Pain Relief

I bought Epsom It for my mom. She had a constant back ache and pain in her legs. She is diabetic and I bought a lot of products over the year. This the only product that worked for her.

foot pain

does work does sometimes take second dose