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Great product

Not a cure, but considerable pain relief

Epsom it

Pretty good stuff, does calm the pins n needles feeling Quite well.

I want to return those how can I return ed to you .this agrivatemy watching and numbness.

Works immediately on nerve pain

Recently, I sat down to supper and tried to eat a bite or two. I had terrible sharp jaw pain just under my left ear when I tried to chew, so I immediately got up and put a little Epsom-It on the area. It worked on contact! It does not work for other types of pain for me, but I’m very pleased with how well it works on true nerve pain. The roll-on applicator makes it easy and non-messy to use. Thanks for a product that does what it says!

It did not work for me I've asked for a refund


I like the lotion. It does provide me with some relief from neuropathy pain. I use it regularly especially at night when the pain is worse.

Helps arthritis and muscle pain!

It's work

This product is very good plain and simple it works

Shingles pain

Used the roll on with some frankincense oil for my acute shingles pain. Made the pain bearable. Going to try it next for my migraines!

It works so well!

It has helped the neuropathy in my feet. It takes away the pain, numbness and tingling feeling so I can sleep! Thank you Epsom it.

The Best!

The best thing ever for sore muscles and leg cramps.

Muscle Recovery Lotion
Stewart Cluck
More than Muscle Recovery

This lotion seems to enrich skin, nerve and muscle tissue with magnesium. Would like to see some clinical studies that corroborate the enrichment theory. It also kills any fungus that is lurking in moist areas of the body like the toes and crotch area. Don’t need a clinical study to confirm this. I’ve tried other remedies and finally discovered this as the only lotion that stops the itching and damage caused by body fungi. It’s been working for about 5-months and I’ll continue using it to ward off any new infection plus it just makes me feel clean and well-maintained health-wise.

Sent Epsom to my Mom

My Mom suffers from Arthritis and at 91 use’s Epsom when in pain to help eliminate pain.

Amazing product

I have horrible pain in my knees and ankle. When I use a small.amount of Epsom-It, I am completely pain free and able to walk up and down stairs without pain. I wasn't eager to spend $20 per bottle but after several weeks of using this, I found that a very small amount works. Great product. Highly recommend.

Gum oain

I had a bridge chiseled out of my mouth it was very painful. I used pain pills for a few days then I used the epsom cream on my jaw it worked.


Not sure if this helping as k am also trying a nerve pill. Cannot hurt for sure.

Works great

My 89 yo Aunt has nerve damage and sciatic joint damage there's only been a couple things that give any relief and we use both nerve and muscle works together very well.

Very ineffective. I would not recommend. I feel like it was a total waste of money.

Epsom-it Works

This roll-on lotion works great. I've used others but is awesome. Thanks

The Best!

Epsomit has made it possible to make it through my long work day, on my feet and walking all day. No more lower back pain!! I rub it on every muscle that hurts, morning before work and at night going to bed.

Epsom-It Soothing Nerve Lotion

Not sure yet Need some more time.


This product appears to help with nerve pain. I am satisfied

Real good

It does what it say it will , took my pain away

Finally some relief from restless legs! I was surprised how quickly it helped. Great for arthritis pain in my neck too. Im very happy with this product. I'll be reordering.