"This lotion is a game changer. I LOVE IT! I use it after my workouts and no sore muscles the next day. No foot pain either after a long hike or walk."
- Julie Garrido 

"I use it after intense leg days at the gym. I Notice a big difference in the amount of soreness I used to have the days after. I like that it's unscented."
- Rosemary
"It worked so much better than expected and I didn’t even have to soak in the bathtub to get relief. I woke the next day with my aching areas feeling refreshed."
- Chris
"We bought this specifically for Disney and I was so thankful we did! We walked over 60 miles while at Disney and this stuff helped so much with our sore feet!
- Katherine
"Helps with my aches and pains in my feet from a neurological condition.” 
- Rick 

"Great lotion! Helps with muscle recovery and isn’t greasy or tacky. It feels nice, absorbs well, and has no smell. I take it to my masseuse and she applies it to areas she’s worked on intensively. She likes it so much she is recommending it to her other clients."
- Grace
"I won’t be without this lotion. I’ve been plagued with muscle cramps at night for several years. I now rub this lotion on my legs and feet each night and I frequently can go an entire night without cramps."
- Diane F

"I love this lotion. It softens my muscles, and decreases pain and inflammation in my legs and feet."
- Traci

"I use it on the trochanter tendon soreness, which, although it can’t be cured, always feels better when I use Epsom-It. I used it all the way across in my transcontinental run—with great results."
- Newton