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Product Description:

· FAST & EFFECTIVE NEUROPATHY PAIN RELIEF: Epsom-It Nerve Pain utilizes the nerve relaxing qualities of Magnesium Sulfate (also known as Epsom Salt) to quickly sooth symptoms of neuropathy. Rapidly soothes “pins and needles” discomfort.

· SUPER CONCENTRATED ALL-NATURAL EPSOM SALT LOTION: Patent-pending formula includes 25x more Epsom Salt combined with fortified Arnica Montana, Capsaicin, and Aloe Vera allowing deep penetration into the nerves and muscles.

· EPSOM SALT PENETRATES SKIN: Comparable to other topical nerve relief solutions, Epsom-It Nerve Pain can be applied to the epidermis and be absorbed through the dermis to provide pain relief of subcutaneous joints and muscle discomfort and neuralgia.

· EASY & SAFE TO USE: Epsom-It Nerve Pain goes on smooth and is easy to apply to your hands, legs, feet, back and arms, etc. An ideal remedy for nerves discomfort and cramps. Use once or use often. All the benefits of an Epsom Salt bath without the tub!

· FRAGRANCE FREE & GREASELESS: Epsom-It Nerve Pain is a concentrated Epsom Salt formula with no grease and no fragrance. Our unique formula is vegan, gluten-free, paraben free and contains no irritating ingredients.